Clean water and clean neighbourhoods

Whether you are a community, or a Foundation, or an Industrial client, Sutoya can partner with you to create meaningful impact on the environment around you. We work with citizens to provide guidance on water conservation and waste management. Corporate houses can get value-added impact in their "Corporate Social Responsibility" mission. We also work with Governments to revive and conserve water bodies.

Sutoya is a lean organization with capability in strategic advisory as well as hardcore implementation. We have a team of technical and management experts with professional careers of distinction in various disciplines of sustainable development. We are able to tackle complex situations with our deep experience in Government, Private and Development sectors.

Our value proposition is our domain knowledge, and our ability to connect with the Government as well as the citizenry. We have been successful in creating a multiplier effect by effectively leveraging Government funds.

Our Vision

Sustainable environments through intelligent water and sanitation systems.

Our Mission

Design and implement a steady flow of outcomes involving diverse stakeholders, to enable habitations with clean, adequate water and clean neighbourhoods.

Our areas of expertise

Integrated Water Sources Management

Reviving water bodies, recharging groundwater, domestic water supply, stormwater management, wastewater management and solid waste management

GIS and Mobile Technology Applications

Digitisation, Mobile Technology Solutions for metering, SCADA and Automation, GIS applications

Technical Studies / Field Investigations

Hydraulic Modelling, Hydrological/ Hydrogeological studies, Hydrogeological Studies, Conjunctive Modelling, Topographical Surveys, Geotechnical investigation